Teachers & Staff

Our staff members are highly qualified and serve as positive role models and learning facilitators. All lead teachers have college degrees, including early childhood coursework. Additionally, all staff are required to attend continuing education training each year. Our assistants are experienced and educated in early childhood education. Teachers and assistants work together as teaching teams, facilitating a positive and rich learning environment.

We have dedicated office staff who also serve as a positive part of the ECC experience. They take the time to get to know the children and parents, and assist the teachers as needed.

Pearl Chu

Pearl believes that it is important for children to know that their ideas and opinions are accepted, valued, and supported by their peers and adults. In her classroom, creativity and creative expression are not limited to one part of the curriculum or one area of the classroom, but are expressed continuously through the playful exploration of objects, language, and ideas in a nurturing environment.

She graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science and is now working towards another degree in Early Childhood Education. Pearl has had fourteen years of experience working with children, starting first at Gymboree Play and Music, Sunday schools, and then working as an administrator and preschool teacher for 8 more years. She now lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland with her husband, two children, and a miniature schnauzer. She enjoys thinking outside of the box and encouraging children to take risks that will inspire their learning.

Denise Harvey

Denise grew up knowing she was very interested in working with children. She graduated from college with a degree in Guidance Counseling. After moving to Arizona, her career goals shifted to Recruiting and then Human Resources where she focused on being trustworthy, honest and detailed. When she and her husband welcomed their daughter to their family in 2010, staying home to raise her was the number one priority. In 2013, the Arizona Harveys moved to Rockville with the desire to be in a diverse city as well as to be closer to family in New York.

In researching preschools for her own daughter, she saw various philosophies and heard feedback from other parents on what worked and didn’t work for them depending on their child, discovering that even siblings might have different learning environment needs. As a classroom volunteer and a co-op parent, she learned so much from other moms, dads and the children she worked with. As children are learning to communicate and develop their social and emotional skills, she believes it is important for teachers and parents to communicate in order to provide a strong continuous foundation to support their learning.


She is excited to be working at a school that promotes those building blocks and she is dedicated to being a positive, compassionate and supportive role model for families.

AnnMarie Kase

AnnMarie is committed to ensuring a nurturing classroom environment for children to learn through play. Her teaching style brings out opportunities for the children to express themselves, stimulate knowledge and develop an interest in learning. Her two daughters attended ECC and when they graduated to elementary school, she made the transition from ECC parent to ECC teacher. After taking a break from the work force to stay at home with her children, she has now returned to ECC.

From a very young age, AnnMarie knew she wanted to work with children. Originally from New York, she graduated from the University of Maryland and earned a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from The George Washington University. She began her career at the Arc of Montgomery County, teaching young children who had chronic medical conditions.

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Highly qualified teachers at ECC