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Pre-K Program 

Early Childhood Center uses Creative Curriculum® to reflect our play-based philosophy and guide the teachers’ lesson planning as children develop through the years. We respect each child’s developmental progress and encourage growth in eight different areas including social and emotional development, problem-solving skills, literacy, math and science. Each age group provides unique opportunities for growth.

Within the broader framework of our curriculum for the whole child, some specific goals for our four-years-old program include:

  • Reinforce independent behavior and problem solving skills

  • Strengthen knowledge of language, the arts, science, and math concepts

  • Support gross and fine motor development

Reinforce Independence and Problem Solving Skills

Four-year-olds increasingly embrace their new found independence. Improving verbal language and social skills, fine motor development and self-confidence allow the children to complete many tasks independently and operate more successfully in a group environment. Lesson plans, using Creative Curriculum guidelines, provide opportunities for

  • following the daily schedule and instructions

  • self-direction

  • taking responsibility for personal well-being, and

  • recognizing own feelings and managing them appropriately

Teachers reinforce these skills by encouraging children to problem-solve in the physical and emotional realm on their own. Children continue to practice serving themselves during meal time, taking care of personal items, using the bathroom, and getting dressed in preparation for outdoor time or dramatic play. As with all ages, the teachers observe interactions carefully and then selectively guide the problem-solving process.

Strengthen knowledge of Language, Science, and Math Concepts

Teachers expand children’s knowledge of verbal and written language, math concepts and the world around them with engaging lessons plans. Teachers plan activities that take advantage of the curious mind of a four-year-old to develop their reading, writing and math skills while having fun Classrooms are filled with developmentally-appropriate materials chosen to inspire children to explore. Throughout the day, children enjoy carefully designed centers that include:

  • dramatic play

  • art

  • science

  • literacy

  • writing

  • math, and

  • construction

The low teacher-student ratios allow teachers to continually asses each child carefully and adjust class plans accordingly to ensure each child meets his/her full potential in different curriculum areas.

Support Gross and Fine Motors Skill Development

Class schedules build in lots of time for improving children’s gross and fine motor skills. ECC’s playground, located in a beautiful park-like setting, provides ample outdoor space for climbing structures, playing with balls, running, skipping, and riding bikes and scooters. During indoor time, children have creative movement time and plenty of center activities for strengthening fine motor skills, including specially designed art projects, sensory table investigation and table-top manipulative games.

4-year-olds at circle time
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